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Katelyn Rose Kreizinger, professionally known as Kate Rose is an Egyptian-American r&b singer from Miami, Florida. At an early age Kate knew she had an interest in making music. From age two, she was already taking piano lessons and later began writing her own sheet music. Kate would even create songs that she would play on the piano. Not long after, she found out that she could sing and had a good ear for music. That love for music continued to follow her as she joined her high school choir and competed in musical theory. Kate Rose has coined her own singing style to r&b trap, as she describes it as singing over rap beats you wouldn't usually hear R&B vocals on. 


When constantly surrounded by music, it is hard to pinpoint a favorite artist or song for Kate Rose. However, she states one artist she most relates with is Jhene Aiko. Furthermore, lyrically, one of her favorite artists is Sia, which Kate says has been an inspiration to her music. Her musical evolution transcends into goals that she would like to accomplish in the music industry. One of her main goals is to change the world through her music. Music is definitely a tool that can be used to influence people and present a positive message. Furthermore, Kate Rose would like to start a full-service music company that caters to independent artists. This company would give artists access to everything they need to be successful in all facets of the music industry. 


2020 has already been a busy year for Kate Rose. She just released her debut single ‘Through It’ on all major platforms with accompanying visuals. Kate states that her inspiration for the song comes from a few places, mostly personal experiences. "When I say “I see through it”, I’m talking about seeing things for what they really are and also seeing through the veil, such as when you open your ‘third eye’." The debut single is a testament of how determined and talented Kate is, which is needed to become a star in the music industry. Kate plans on releasing a 5 track EP later this year, and who knows we may even get an album. Kate is sure to keep her fans interested well into 2020 and years to come.